Friday, 20 September 2013

Cycling and Society Symposium

UCLan's Dr Richard Weston was the host at the recent 10th annual Cycling and Society Symposium.

The event, held at Tyn Dwr Outdoor Centre, saw nearly 40 academics and interest groups from around the world meet to discuss the development of cycling for both everyday and leisure use.

A variety of speakers looked at different topics with a view to understanding developments within the research community, what the future holds and how the wider cycling world is changing.

Dr Weston, Director of the University's Institute of Transport and Tourism, said: "This was a tremendously successful event, bringing together people with a genuine desire to promote the value of cycling.

"Everyday life based around bicycles instead of cars would create a happier, healthier society and benefit everyone, including those who don't cycle. The Institute, in conjunction with Cycling and Society, remains committed to open and critical inquiry into cycling and its promotion."

Delegates who attended the Symposium have kindly given permission for their presentations to be showcased online. Just click on the names to view.

Andre Neves
Damien Ó Tuama
David Raffo
Dave Horton
Emese Mako
Heather Jones
Jennifer Bonham
Paul Schepers
Pedro Malpica
Tim Jones

Dave Horton's excellent 'Thinking About Cycling' blog can be viewed here.

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