Friday, 17 January 2014

Top 10 Flight Attendant Uniforms of 2013

Just how important are flight attendant uniforms in the airlines industry?

Flight attendants are a crucial contact point between the airline and its customers who expect crew members to look unified, professional, and presentable. These image standards are an important component of an airline's brand.

In a letter from American Airlines to its flight attendants, Vice President of Flight Service Denise Lynn stated that "uniforms are an important component of the AA brand and convey a professional and recognizable image to thousands of customers everyday." Other airlines such as British Airways and Virgin America also using uniforms as a branding strategy. Over the years, conservative uniforms have become more colorful and trendy.

With both female and male uniforms taken into consideration, click here for the top 10 flight attendant uniforms of 2013 according to TheDesignAir.

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