Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Students use Bursary Scheme to boost career prospects

Two UCLan Tourism students used the University's Travel Bursary Scheme to enhance their learning in South America.

Management in Tourism (Top-up) students Karolina Gniewek (left) and Izabela Slowik (below) travelled to an Eco Tourism conference in Brazil and also undertook a number of related field visits.

The pair kindly provided some feedback from the trip: "Brazil is an outstanding country, and by its size and diversity it allows us to get a different outlook on the world, exotic wildlife and colourful culture with all its features.

"Our trip would not be possible without the help from UCLan Travel Bursary Scheme, and we greatly appreciate your efforts to enable students to travel to various places where they can learn by doing things and enjoying themselves. We would like to say thank you, but we'll say it in Portuguese, as that's the word we've used numerously for the last couple of days.

"We both say it twice to everyone involved with this trip, to everyone mentioned on the blog we created, to our supporting families and most of all to the UCLan Travel Bursary Scheme team - Obrigada!"

Karolina and Izabela are now returning to Poland to continue their studies before going into the industry.

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