Monday, 16 November 2015

UCLan Tourism Society

Five final year International Tourism Management Students are keen resume the Tourism Society within the department at the university.
Andreea Toma, Sophie Milligan, Naheeda Ali, Rebecca Limb and Kristiana Ikstina are all currently in their final year working hard to achieve the best possible grades they can and are keen to involve themselves within any potential projects that will help them gain additional knowledge to enhance their profiles as young professionals within the industry.
Still in the early stages of setting up the society, the overall aims include bringing all tourism students from first to final year closer together with the common interest of Tourism!
With links already within the society to many outside Tourism organisations, the opportunities are there to go out as a group and speak to people within the industry which will fundamentally provide a great path way to finding the right career and maybe even providing more industry examples to use within assignments across the board.
Chairman of the society, Andreea Toma stated that; “Setting up this society is a great way for the older students to pass on support and knowledge to the younger years of the course. Even though the university has similar schemes already in place, I feel that students will benefit more by directly speaking to somebody who has already experienced the course.”
She continued; “Going back two years to my first year, I definitely would have loved to have this platform available for me to interact with other students and seek support and help in assignments.”
Naheeda Ali, another member of the tourism society is keen to pursue with the one-on-one mentoring with the other students due to fact she hopes to enter into a career of teaching.
She stated; “When this opportunity arose, I knew it was something I could really involve myself in. Teaching is the career path I really want to go down once I have completed my final year and these one-on-one mentoring sessions will really benefit myself as well as the other students that may need further assistance.”
With plans in place over the next comings weeks to introduce the society within the division, be sure to keep an eye out for any emails regarding future talks and events that may be of interest.

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