Monday, 4 April 2016

Advancing the Green Growth in Peru: A spotlight on tourism, transport and the blue economy (14-17 March 2016 Lima, Peru)

During a recent visit to Peru I joined a group of UK academics across a range of universities to explore the sustainable development of tourism, transport and the blue economy (marine and ocean environments). Whilst in Peru we attended workshops (days 1, 2 and 4) at the Universidad Cientifica del Sur. During these days we explored the areas of Tourism, transport and the blue economy independently, the relationships between them and other prominent industries (agriculture and mining). Each contributor required to present research associated to a recent publication relevant to the workshop themes. My focus being, the role of stakeholders and Tourism in a post-earthquake development scenario; the case of L’Aquila, Italy.
(see link for publication:
Daniel presenting Tourism development in L'Aquila at Peru workshop
Daniel working on sustainable Tourism in Peru
Day 3 consisted of a field trip exploring attractions and localities putting into context the areas being explored, including transport facilities, local fish markets, the old city and the central square Plaza de Armas and the Santuario Archeological site.
Plaza de Armas in the historical centre in Lima
Santuario Arqueologico Pachacamac in Lima, Peru

The team worked with Peruvian academics throughout the workshop, in so doing, sharing our knowledge to discuss and explore challenges and opportunities for a potentially more sustainable future in Peru for the industries. On the 4th day industry experts joined us to contribute their knowledge and experience to the debates and in our subject specialism (tourism in my case) we discussed current and future potentialities for research and developments.
Tourism specialists, academics, officials working towards sustainable development in Peru 
The aim of the workshop was to establish contacts, explore the industries and to generate potential research areas that would be collated in a report to be presented to the British Council in Peru (who funded the workshop). The intention is to now, having established a grounding knowledge, to continue exploring avenues for support and additional funding to further our interests and motivations to conduct research that can directly impact on future government policies in Peru.

The workshop was a great opportunity for me personally to further my knowledge in the areas of sustainable development, tourism, transport and the blue economy, of which I aim to incorporate into my teaching and learning and future research. I hope to continue working and supporting the team in the months and years to come, as great energy was fostered as a result of the workshop.

Dr. Daniel Wright

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