Friday, 15 July 2016

International Tourism Management students visit UCLan Cyprus

As well as getting the opportunity to spend your second year in Cyprus, UCLan International Tourism Management students take part in study visits to our Cyprus Campus. 

The trip provided students with an opportunity to get a flavour of life on the island, as during the second year of the programme they have the option of studying at UCLan Cyprus.

The visit began with students given an introductory tour around the campus and its accommodation. This also included an exclusive event been provided by students at the Cyprus campus – proving a theme and experiences - a ‘taste of Cyprus’ with local food, traditional customs and dancing on display.

Students also visited the Famagusta visitor center and viewing point to gaze the horizon and into the abandoned beach resort. 
The next day students visited the costal port town of Limassol. The day initially consisted of a visit to the ancient city of Kourion. This was followed by a tour of the medieval Limassol Castle (situated near the old harbour in the heart of the historical centre of the city of Limassol). Students then explored the mixture of historical and modern environments in the second largest urban area on the Island.
This was followed by a trip to Nicosia featuring a tour along the United Nations buffer zone, which divides the occupied areas and free zone. The group took some time to explore the Green Line themselves.

The final day was spent in the coastal resort of Larnaca, which is particularly known for its palm tree seafront, the Church of Saint Lazarus and its medieval fort.
The visit allowed students to put into practice their growing knowledge and understanding of a costal destination and management perspectives they have been engaging with in class – including topics such as destination image and products, cultural and heritage tourism, coastal and city attractions, events and special interest travel, and wider social political issues within the destination.”

"Taking the students out on the study visit allowed for cohort bonding, and importantly it provided them with an unforgettable experience."

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