Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Matthew is living his dream job in the sun

Matthew Beardwell, a 2015 Management in Tourism graduate updates us on his career. Upon graduating Matthew secured a job working for Tui as a travel advisor which he loved. However, after some unforeseen family circumstances Matthew decided he needed a new direction in his life and a change of scenery. He decided to return his dream job of being a holiday advisor/representative; after a two year break.  

Matthew states that his greatest achievement since graduation is securing his dream job, even though he didn’t think he had a chance due to him working for a rival organisation. However, through Matthews’s charisma and experience he was an ideal candidate and he now works in Menorca. 

He says that his UCLan graduation will be a lasting memory in his life and it will always be one of his greatest achievements. He says “you should never give up on your dreams, goals and ambitions. If you want to something, then do it! At first you may not succeed or enjoy it but it will get you a foot in the door and where you want to be. I didn’t think I would get my current job, but I surprised myself and I’ve never been happier”. 

Matthew says going to UCLan was one of his best decisions. He looks fondly on his course friends and they are one of the contributing factors that make the course enjoyable, you become like a small family. All the help and support I received through my three years was amazing, the lectures are always there for you to provide help and guidance; not just on academic work but also in your personal life, if needed. He said he would recommend studying Tourism management at UCLan as you get a hands on approach to preparing you for the industry and provide you with relevant experience that make you more employable.  

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