Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Sofia Nawaz - Featured in Asian Image Magazine

International Tourism Management student, Sofia Nawaz (recently featured in Asian Image Magazine) is currently studying at the UCLan Cyprus Campus for a year as part of her degree – an opportunity which she took after visiting Cyprus earlier in the year on a study visit. Sofia, a former Marsden Heights Community College student, knew she wanted to study travel and tourism at a senior level and chose UCLan due to:

 “The amazing opportunities such as the study abroad programme and the paid internship sandwich year” 

 Sofia continued: “UCLan stood out to me because of the amazing lecturers, facilities and worldwide industry connections.”

Talking about the prospects available to her as a UCLan student, Sofia said:

UCLan has offered me incredible opportunities such as travelling to Blackpool and meeting the Merlin Entertainment team, as well as the head of Blackpool’s Merlin Cluster, Ian Hawking. Whilst there we were able to visit all of the Merlin attractions and feedback our experiences to the Merlin group. So far, I have had a fantastic experience and made great friends.”

Sofia continued: “I would recommend UCLan to anyone as the opportunities are endless and the tourism student community is extremely tight knit and welcoming. My experience at UCLan has made me more independent. I have developed a range of skills which I know will benefit me in my future career as well as my personal life.”

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