Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tourism student explores France

Our Tourism students are encouraged to travel to widen their global horizons.

After finishing his first year of studies, Ben Chadwick spent just under three weeks with a friend who lives in Normandy, France.

Ben takes up the story: "We travelled across Normandy visiting the coastal areas and stunning countryside of Northern France, whilst based in a small seaside village just 10 miles north of Caen.

"During our time spent in Normandy, we did activities such as swimming, as well as canoeing down a scenic river in Pont d'Ouilly. We also explored the traditional French town of Caen, witnessing the French culture and the historic aspect to the town.

"After eight days, we travelled from Caen to the small town of Prades, located within the Pyrenees - a twelve hour trip. Prior to arriving in Prades, we spent the night in the medieval city of Carcassonne, sampling local dishes such as 'Casserole' and 'Creme Catalan' before exploring the historic castle.

"While in Prades, we went on hikes up numerous mountains in the Pyrenees. These walks offered spectacular scenery, with fantastic views of the mountain ranges and nearby local villages. These strenuous hikes took between 5-6 hours most days, but the rewards of reaching the summit were definitely worth it.

"The peak of Mount Carlit, one of the highest mountains in the eastern Pyrenees, stands at almost 10,000 feet. This particular hike was a personal favourite of mine, despite the physical challenge of conquering it. All things considered, I had a great time in France."

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